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Ad compare plugin enables the user to select the desired ads  and compare between them

Version: 1.1.0

Compatability : Osclass 3.3,3.3.2 ,3.4.1,3.4.2,3.43,3.5.1,3.5.2,3.5.3

Demo :


1) Easy to install

2) User Friendly Interface to select ads

3)Nice display of ads selected for comparision

4) Nice display of ad comparision

5) User can delete the unwanted items while comparision

6) User can drag the items while comparision

Installation :

  • Unzip the folder and put the folder in your plugin directory  (i.e oc-content/plugins/)

  • Open Admin panel and click on install


Then your Installation process is completed .

Product Details
Version 1.1.0
Released on May 20th 2014
Updated on
Compatable osclass 3.3,3.3.2 ,3.4.1,3.4.2,3.43,3.5.1,3.5.2,3.5.3

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