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Dealers Directory plugin  allows admin to add dealers into a single directory where all the dealers info and their posted ads will be displayed.

For each dealer will have their own  page where all his information will be displayed along with his posted ads

Version: 1.0

Compatability :  Osclass 3.3,3.3.2 ,3.4.1,3.4.2,3.43,3.5.1,3.5.2,3.5.3

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1) Easy to install.

2) User Friendly Interface to add dealers information.

3) Admin can able to add logo / image  to the dealers.

4) Admin can assign categories to the dealers depending upon what they dealing with.

5) Nice display of dealers list

6) Search dealer based on categories and their name

7) Dealers names will be autopopulated when user tries to type a name to search a dealer.

8) Only admin approved dealers will only appeared in the dealers directory

9) Dealers page designed attractively where left side dealer info will be displayed and the right side his posted ads will be displayd.

10) Dealer address can be dispalyed in a google map

Product Details
Version 1.0
Released on Aug 4th 2014
Updated on
Compatable osclass 3.3,3.3.2 ,3.4.1,3.4.2,3.43,3.5.1,3.5.2,3.5.3

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